Monday, November 20, 2017

Walk with Me - at the Camp

I had visited "the camp" many times, but never taken a walk/hike
on the grounds.
The boating was closed for the year,
but I could imagine the sounds of splashing and laughter
 here at another time.
So I walked on.
It was a bit of a wet day, but still good for walking.
Soon I came to a board walk and wondering where it would take me,
I continued to walk.
There were beautiful places to stop along the way
and I wished I had brought my tea to sit awhile and dream.
If I return to this place there will be tea in my backpack.
Oh, a tunnel of trees, I love it!
The views around the lake were so special on this cloudy Autumn day.
Walking alone, dreaming, and enjoying the outdoors
makes walking extra special.
Keep on walking!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

Live Out Loud

“If you ask me what I came to do in this world, I, an artist, will answer you: I am here to live out loud.”
― Émile Zola
As an artist be willing to put your heart out there.
Laugh and Show your whimsical self.
 Work together with friends.
 Do your very best in whatever situation your in.
Smile and be open to new friends.
Let it all hang out.
 No matter who they are.
 Be creative and let your spirit fly.
Be bold.
And Unique!
 And then take time for quiet reflection.
Then add a little music to the mix.
 I have thought for quite awhile on the quote above.
What does it take to "live out loud"?
As I strolled through pictures of past travels
these particular pictures really said to me just this thing.
There are pictures from France, Thailand, and Barcelona.

What comes to your mind when you think of living out loud?

Happy weekend, dear friends!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Tea Tasting Sunday

BaiHao Oolong was the tea we were tasting.
Three different ones side by side to compare.
Many little cups of tea to delight in.
 In the winter months my tea group goes indoors to taste.
Dewey had just returned from a tea trip to Taiwan
and had three different BaiHao's to taste.
One she got to make, one at the high end, and one rather average one.
 Now I thought the one she made was quite up to par with
the high end one.
Have you ever done a tea tasting and compared
the same tea, but different ones together?
If not, I can highly recommend it.
A fun way to learn about tea.

Just because I thought this teapot was beautiful.
Dewey was given this handmade teapot while
traveling. It was from a tea master.
Isn't it beautiful?
It was hard to believe it was handmade,
it was perfectly made.

If you live in the area and would like to join us for a tea tasting
sometime, let me know.
If not in the area, have your own tea tasting.
Maybe it is an Earl Grey from three different companies.
Think about it.

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Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Lily Follow Up

Follow up to introducing my Tea with Lily book.
When Lily graduated from high school,
her college essay was about our tea times each Christmas.
I was totally honored and touched that she would write about them.
Now she is in college and studying to be a nurse.
She will make the best nurse ever
and I am so proud of her.

Here is what I wrote to her on our final tea:

 Preparations are made.
The teapots await.
The flower has bloomed
and is ready to fly.
Well wishes will be shared.
Hugs will be there.
For tea times of the past
and a bright future at last.
Fly to the sky and capture the stars.
For you deserve all of that.
Then when day is done
sip on your tea and float on the clouds.
Dance in the twilight and remember
my well wishes are there.
Fly with the birds and capture the stars.
Love, Marilyn

Here is her college essay:

Christmas Traditions
Tea. Not very synonymous with young children, which probably explains why I was throwing a fit under the table. It was one of those moments when mortified parents just want to melt into the floor rather than discipline their child in public. It just so happened that we
were in a fancy tea room, the Heathman, and it just so happened that it was the Christmas holidays. My parents were trying to start one of those family traditions that lasts throughout the years and it seemed like the Heathman just was not a great option at that time. Fortunately
for us my mom had a friend, Marilyn, who adored the art of tea parties and all of the wonderful times that go with them. The very next year they planned one of these affairs and it went over much more smoothly than the first time around. I don't specifically remember the happenings of my first Christmas tea party with Marilyn or much of what would eventually create much of the foundation for traditions in the years to come. Every year since that fatal year at the Heathman, my close family has joined together at Marilyn's house at Christmastime and shared our year's progress. As my taste for tea has grown so has my appreciation for these family gatherings and the meaningful conversations that have come out of them. Now not only do I look forward to the little sandwiches and the artfully decorated cookies; but also the loud, and not always obnoxious, laugh of my uncle and the warm embrace of my grandma. Those moments of laughter and togetherness are not easy to forget and often remind me how much a family tradition can grow from something small to an annual event that brings such joy and community. Through each passing year my mom has kept a photo journal of pictures that show how my family has changed. From the progressive aging of my brother and I, to the lack of my grandfather who passed away when I was four. Although my family has changed and evolved we have stayed together through this tradition and recognize that change is not always such a bad thing. Like that very first time at the Heathman all traditions come to a close at some point, and these tea parties are no different. Regretfully we have decided that this year will be our last
official tea party with me heading off to college next year. Although I will miss the time spent in that little North Portland home, I know that with the end of one tradition there will be an opportunity for growth. During times of change in life there is always room for nostalgia and reminiscence, but also that possibility that you will stumble upon something truly wonderful.

Monday, November 13, 2017

Walk with Me - Celebrating Friendship

 Celebrating 20 years of friendship,
my friend, Annette, and I decided to go for a walk and have lunch.
 It was a beautiful Autumn day at the end of October
and a perfect day for a walk.
 Shared memories of meeting at a spiritual growth workshop
at a local hospital brought us together.
 We have walked in sad times and happy times.
I have been blessed to be Mimi to her son.
 And life flows by with the deepness of friendship.

 What a special day to share with a dear friend,
a walk with the golden touches of Autumn, water flowing,
and shared memories.
 There also was shared cups of tea as we finished our walk.
An aged (about 25 years), roasty tea, Buddha Hands Oolong,
just right to celebrate a dear friendship.
Do you celebrate friendships?
How do you celebrate?

Friday, November 10, 2017

Tea with Lily

When I started my tea journey and then Marmalady's
I always knew there would be three small books to write.
This week the third book was self published.
I am celebrating and happy to announce
Tea with Lily!

The book is framed around my tea times with Lily,
the daughter of a friend.
The first tea time was when Lily was 4 years old
and the last was when she was 18 years old.
The book shares a bit about those teas,
but the main focus is on putting together
a themed tea for children.
There are recipes and craft ideas,
plus inspirations in 52 photographs to inspire
you to have a tea party for one or more children.
The book is 42 pages of fun from my heart to yours.
You can find the book on etsy: here

Happy weekend, dear friends!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

LaTeaDa Tea Room

Whenever I head to the beach a stop at LaTeaDa Tea Room
makes it oh so better.
It is like the cherry on the top of an already special day.
So last week I stopped for a sip of English Breakfast tea
and a 3-tier goodies delight.
Pineapple sorbet began the treats,
of course this was just to cleanse the palate.
And then all this goodness was placed before me.
Can you believe that was just for me?
Should we start with the sweets first?
Wonderful fall delights were boxed up and taken
along because I was full from the savories and sandwiches.
And there is that cherry on top.
There were bacon wraps, egg salad, chicken salad,
turkey with cranberries, a puff of veggie delight, 
sharp cheddar, and a fruit salad on raisin bread.
This is always my favorite course,
so I savored each bite.
All was delicious!
Just had to share this gurgling water pitcher.
Yes, it did gurgle just for me.
Did I tell you there were two scones each.
I ate the cheddar with raspberry jam
and saved the cranberry one for later.
They were so flaky and good.

LaTeaDa Tea Room changed owners at the beginning of this year.
I was curious to see what changes might have been made.
Other than a bit of re-arranging and a new menu each
month, it has remained the same delicious spot in the
day when headed to the beach.
Thanks Glenda for taking the time to chat.
I recommend making reservations.